Drum Draw Towers

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Drum Draw Towers are primarily used to produce bulk light guide fiber at high speed and in set band fiber quantities that fit the product requirements.   Our standard Drum Draw Tower uses a modular oven and chuck system that allows the use of 1,2,3, or 4 ovens in the most ideal arrangement for fiber production. 

The 10’ OD drum can spin up to 200 RPM to maximize production of even the smallest fibers.  Our rotating cup coater reduces friction and increases the life of the coating die.   The fully customizable software allows automatic waste bands, precise fiber counting, and end of the run routines all while allowing access both at the drum and at the down feed.  

Advantek Engineering Inc. has also designed a 10 Foot Diameter Drum Crucible Draw System for Arsenic Trisulfide Infrared Ribbon in support of SBIR Contract No. N00421-97-C-1046; "Fabrication of a 10 Meter Length IR Imaging Bundle From Arsenic Trisulfide Glass Fibers".