Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Systems are simply mechanical devices used to transport a part or material from one location to another and are the foundation of factory automation.  There are many manufacturers of standard conveyor system that are economical and of high quality, but when requirements become more defined and specific to the manufacturing process; custom conveyor systems are required. 

Advantek Engineering Inc. has designed many custom constant speed, variable speed, and indexing conveyor systems including integrated modular inspection systems, pick and place material handling, sorting, counting, and diverting.  Many conveyor systems require custom profile belts or chains with attached lug fixtures to provide precise location of components in the subsequent work cell.  

Other conveyors like the one pictured about require precise indexing with modular precision located removable sub plates to support the offloading of an injection molding machine supporting multiple product families.  Quick changeover and absolute position encoders ensure error free material handling and flexible counting for packaging.